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Meditation Music

When I was learning to meditate I had a hard time focusing on my breath while sitting in complete silence, my mind was so active and full of thoughts, especially at the end of my work day. It was suggested to me that I may want to try meditating while I listened to some relaxing music. I had a pair of ear buds and my smartphone and gave it a try, having access to songs on my phone made it very easy to meditate anywhere and anytime.

Listening to music helped me to get into the habit of sitting for 5 or 10 minutes on a regular basis in the beginning. I didn’t listen to just any music though, it had to resonate with me, I found myself searching often for nature sounds, Tibetan chanting, or ambient type songs. In a short time I developed my sitting habit and I was able to sit in silence while meditating.

If you’re not keen on listening to music while you meditate it can still be beneficial in calming the mind beforehand. Choose a relaxing song, listen to the track with your eyes closed, let the days stresses go. When you are ready, grab your mala, move to your meditation cushion and begin in quiet comfort.

Below are 5 relaxing songs of differing styles you may enjoy in your meditation practice, feel free to share your favorite songs in the comments below.

Buddhist Thai Monks Chanting Healing Mantra by NuMeditationMusic

Calming Ambient Music by TheRelaxationStation

Om Mantra by BinauralMeditation

Nature Sounds by JohnnieLawson

Mendicant Priest by Uttara Kuru

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