Dispel Negativity - Onyx & Agate

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Onyx is supportive in deflecting negative energy, increasing stamina, and bestowing inner harmony. It promotes self-confidence and a sense of responsibility to achieve success. 

Agate enhances the balance of yin and yang and promotes emotional calmness. Agates come in many different varieties, colors, and styles, sourced from all over the world this stone has been highly prized in jewelry since ancient times.

Featuring 108 black onyx gemstone beads with agate and garnet accents, the Dispel Negativity mala is finished with an agate crystal of dark pink/purple and black. This mala has knots in-between each bead.

Affirmation: I am filled with positive energy, which brings positive things into my life.

Energy: Positive strength, success, stamina, joy in living, confidence, elegance, security, protection, mystery, courage, action, energizing, will-power.

Mala Details

  • Black Onyx, Agate, Garnet
  • Agate crystal measures approximately 1 inch, each crystal is unique and varies in color pattern.
  • Hand-knotted with durable cord.
  • Select 6mm small or 8mm medium sized beads.
  • The 6mm mala measures approximately 30 inches (76 cm) around or 19 inches (48 cm) long (from top of necklace to bottom of tassel). 34 inches for the 8mm mala.


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