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Sodalite & Fossil Coral Mala


The Sodalite & Fossil Coral mala features blue sodalite, fossil coral, and gray wood beads with a faceted quartz crystal end bead and blue cotton tassel.

Sodalite symbolizes self-confidence and loyalty. The name is derived from the two Greek words soda (salt) and lithos (stone) because it is a stone that contains a lot of salt. It has been known since antiquity as the stone of artists, singers, and painters because it is believed to promote inspiration and creativity while providing protection.

Fossil coral is a natural type of gemstone formed of ancient corals. The proper name for fossil coral is ‘agatized coral’ or ‘agatized fossil coral’, because during formation, the coral remains are gradually replaced with agate, a variety of naturally occurring chalcedony, or micro crystalline quartz. 

Fossil coral should not be mistaken for endangered or protected reef coral or precious coral. It is considered to be a type of agate or chalcedony, rather than a type of coral, due to its silicon dioxide composition. It is a grounding stone and is supposedly good for bringing about change. Since the beginning of the 1st millennium, coral has been highly prized as a gem because it was believed to have mysterious, powerful and sacred properties.

Graywood is often referred to types of wood that are gray in color, the beads have a subtle smoky gray sheen and are lightweight and very smooth with a very natural and organic appearance.

Chakra: Ajna, the Sixth Chakra – Third Eye Chakra.

Energy and Color: Mysticism, insight, intuition, loyalty, openness.


  • Sodalite, Fossil Coral, Gray Wood, Quartz Crystal
  • 8mm medium sized beads.
  • 100% cotton tassel.
  • Measures approximately 36 inches around.
  • Mala bag and gift box included.

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