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Spirit of Nature Mala - Tree Agate & Sandalwood


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The Green Man, or "nature spirit" is a mythical soul that symbolizes rebirth and fertility, representing the cycle of new growth that occurs each spring. 

The Spirit of Nature Mala features 108 size 6mm beads of natural Tree Agate, Moss Agate, Jasper, Sandalwood and finished with a nature spirit charm.    

Sandalwood was used in ancient times, possibly more than 4,000 years ago. It has been valued in India for at least 2,000 years as one of the most sacred trees and is an important part of devotional rituals.

Strongly connected with nature, Moss Agates are grounding stones, said to refresh the soul and open the mind to beauty. 

Tree Agate encourages a positive sense of self and supports protection against negativity. Tree Agate bestows perseverance and strength, it helps in facing difficult circumstances with confidence in identifying the gift or lesson behind them.

Leopard Jasper, or Orbicular stone has been associated with the medicine wheel and helps to clear ingrained assumptions bringing clarity. 

Blue Jasper brings tranquility and wholeness.  

Affirmation: The world is a beautiful place to be. I recognize the perfect connection between myself, the trees, plants and grass that surround and hold me. I feel deep inner peace and serenity with my surroundings. Each day I bless and care for nature, as she blesses and cares for me.

Chakra: Root, Heart

Energy: Down-to-earth, reassuring, comfort, warm, honest, genuine, sincerity, stable, freedom, harmony, peace, empathy, friendship.

Mala Details

  • Tree Agate, Moss Agate, Sandalwood, Leopard Jasper, Blue Jasper.
  • 108 small-sized 6mm beads.
  • Select from two mala styles: Professional jewelry wire or hand-knotted with knots in-between each bead.
  • 1-inch silver leaf charm.
  • Measures approximately 31 inches around, or 18 inches long (from top of necklace to bottom of tassel). Hand-knotted version measures 32 inches around, or 20 inches long.


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