Turn Away Mala - Evil Eye - Obsidian & Blue Tiger Eye

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Dating back to the 6th century BC the evil eye is a curse or legend, believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Evil Eye's or "nazars" were created to ward off the evil and protect the weater, by turning away the malevolent glare.

The Turn Away Mala necklace features 108 small-size 6mm beads of golden obsidian and blue tigers eye with a blue Aventurine guru bead and an Evil Eye swarovski charm.

Golden Obsidian balances energy and is protective, repeling negativity and dispersing unloving thoughts. 

Blue Tiger's Eye is a protective stone, calming and releases stress, it aids the overanxious. 


Affirmation: I am confident and shielded from negative energies around me. I am grounded, I am safe, I am divinely protected at all times.

Energy: Calming, peaceful, openness, freedom, loyalty, faithfulness

Chakra: Vishudda, the Fifth Chakra – Throat Chakra and Ajna, the Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

Mala Details

  • Golden Obsidian, Blue Tigers Eye, Aventurine guru and accents
  • 108 6mm small-sized beads strung on professional jewelry wire to ensure durability and longevity, featuring soft flexible wear as a necklace with just the right amount of “give” for counting mantra.
  • Evil Eye charm.
  • Measures approximately 30 inches around, or 16 inches long (from top of necklace to bottom of charm).


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