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In this article, we will explore the best gemstone crystals and colors for confidence and success as a compliment to your meditation practice or for manifesting intentions. Be sure to check out the positive affirmations near the end. Let's get right to the details.

Onyx: Strength and Success

Onyx is a powerful gemstone known for its grounding energy and protective properties. This stone has a deep black hue that symbolizes strength, resilience, and determination. While Onyx is often associated with the Root Chakra, its energy can also be beneficial for promoting success and confidence.

Onyx is particularly useful for those striving for success in their professional endeavors. Its energy encourages discipline, focus, and self-mastery, making it an excellent gemstone for entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals working toward achieving their goals. 

Onyx instills a sense of inner strength and self-assurance. It helps dispel self-doubt and negative thought patterns, allowing one to embrace their abilities and trust their decisions.

Incorporating Onyx into success-focused rituals or practices can provide a supportive and grounding presence. Whether placing an Onyx crystal on your desk, wearing Onyx jewelry, or meditating with an Onyx mala, this stone can be a constant reminder of your determination and ability to achieve success.

Onyx Mala

Sodalite: Logic and Intuition

Sodalite is a crystal known for associating with intellect, logic, and intuition. By stimulating the Throat Chakra, Sodalite promotes clarity of thought, allowing for confident and effective communication. Its deep blue color resonates with the power of self-expression, making it an ideal gemstone for enhancing confidence in professional and personal interactions.

Citrine: Success and Abundance

Citrine is renowned for its radiant yellow color and ability to attract success, abundance, and confidence. This gemstone energizes the Solar Plexus Chakra, closely linked to personal power and self-confidence. By boosting one's self-esteem and promoting a positive mindset, Citrine assists in overcoming self-doubt. It empowers individuals to pursue their goals with determination.

Lapis Lazuli: Self-Expression

Lapis Lazuli, a mesmerizing deep blue gemstone with golden flecks, has been revered for centuries for its association with confidence and success. Lapis Lazuli encourages individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and confidently speak their truth. By enhancing communication skills, Lapis Lazuli empowers individuals to assert themselves effectively, whether in personal relationships or professional endeavors.

Additionally, this stone is believed to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra, promoting intuitive thinking and deepening one's connection to their inner knowing. With its harmonizing energy, Lapis Lazuli acts as a guide, aiding in the manifestation of success by amplifying determination and focus.

Amazonite: Positive Mindset

Amazonite, a stunning turquoise-green gemstone, is highly regarded for its energy of confidence and success. This crystal resonates with the Throat Chakra, facilitating precise and effective communication, vital in building trust. Amazonite empowers individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions quickly and authentically, encouraging self-assuredness in social interactions and professional settings.

This stone is believed to enhance intuition and promote a positive mindset, allowing individuals to overcome self-doubt and fear of failure. As a result, Amazonite acts as a supportive ally in achieving success, inspiring individuals to embrace opportunities and navigate their path with resilience and confidence.

Quartz: Self-Belief

Quartz is a powerful energy amplifier and harmonizer, which makes it an excellent tool for magnifying positive intentions and affirmations related to confidence and success. This crystal aligns with all chakras, including the Crown Chakra, facilitating mental clarity, focus, and a heightened sense of self-belief.

Blue Lace Agate: The Soothing Stone

Blue Lace Agate is a gentle and calming gemstone that nurtures the Throat Chakra, promoting clear communication and self-assurance. Its serene blue hues inspire tranquility and encourage confidence in expressing oneself authentically. Wearing or holding Blue Lace Agate during public speaking engagements, job interviews, or any situation that requires self-assurance can help calm anxiety and enhance confidence.

Colors for Confidence

Colors profoundly impact our emotions, moods, and overall perception. While individual preferences may vary, specific colors are commonly associated with instilling confidence.

Here are some of the best colors for confidence:

Red is a powerful and attention-grabbing color that symbolizes strength, courage, and assertiveness. It can energize and stimulate, making it an excellent choice for boosting confidence and creating a bold impression.

Blue is often associated with calmness, stability, and trustworthiness. It can evoke a sense of confidence and serenity, making it a popular choice in professional settings. Shades of navy blue, in particular, are often considered authoritative and confident.

Purple is a color often associated with luxury, creativity, and individuality. It can convey a sense of sophistication and self-assurance. Deep shades of purple, such as royal purple or eggplant, can exude confidence and elegance.

Black is a classic and timeless color that can create a sense of power, sophistication, and authority. It is often worn in formal or professional settings to convey confidence and competence. Black can also create a visually slimming effect, boosting self-confidence in personal appearance.

Yellow is a vibrant and energetic color that symbolizes optimism and happiness. It can evoke a sense of positivity and confidence. When used in moderation, yellow can add a cheerful and uplifting touch to one's outfit or environment, instilling confidence and enthusiasm.

Green is often associated with growth, balance, and harmony. It can evoke a sense of renewal and abundance, contributing to increased confidence. Different shades of green, such as emerald or forest green, can convey a sense of elegance and poise.

Choosing colors that make you feel empowered and reflect your unique personality is essential. Experiment with different colors and observe how they make you think to find the hues that boost your confidence and align with your goals.

Throat Chakra

Confidence and The Throat Chakra

Finally, we need to understand the connection between confidence and the Throat Chakra, also known as the Vishuddha. This is the energy center associated with communication, self-expression, and confidence. Located at the throat, it governs our ability to effectively convey our thoughts and emotions.

When the Throat Chakra is balanced, we experience clarity, confidence, and assertiveness. However, blockages or imbalances in this chakra can lead to insecurity, fear of judgment, and difficulty expressing oneself.

When your Throat Chakra is in balance:

  • You express yourself clearly and confidently, finding the right words to convey your thoughts, emotions, and ideas.
  • You feel comfortable being your true self and expressing your uniqueness without fear of judgment or criticism.
  • You can listen attentively to others, providing them a safe space to express themselves fully.
  • You can confidently assert yourself, set healthy boundaries, and respectfully express your needs and desires.
  • You can speak in front of others, whether in public speaking engagements or social settings, with confidence and clarity.
  • You have confidence in the power of your voice and trust your intuitive insights and inner guidance.

Affirmations for Confidence and Success:

Affirmations are powerful tools that can transform our thoughts and beliefs, enhancing confidence and attracting success. Here are some affirmations and associated gemstones:

"I am confident and capable of achieving my goals."
Onyx - Enhances willpower and self-confidence.

"I embrace my unique talents and express myself with ease."
Lapis Lazuli - Stimulates self-expression and encourages authenticity.

"I communicate my thoughts and ideas with confidence and clarity."
Amazonite - Supports clear and effective communication.

"I believe in myself and trust in my abilities."
Clear Quartz - Amplifies positive energy and self-belief.

Remember, while gemstones and crystals can support and amplify our intentions, the true power lies within ourselves. Embrace your inner strength, combine it with the energy of these gemstones, and manifest your desired confidence and success.