Hello, my name is Heather...

How I Became A Mala Maker

In the 1980s while exploring my Mother's yoga books I discovered meditation and yoga, I was young and didn't understand how I could get myself into these impossible looking exercises. Fast forward a few decades later, I was reintroduced to meditation after experiencing quite a lot of work stress and health issues with my gallbladder, I was gifted a guided meditation CD that I listened to each night.

Slowly but surely I developed a regular practice, a friend taught me how to sit and meditate, then I took some meditation classes, and well as they say the rest is history. 

Through the years I've been pushed along this winding path to where I am now and looking back everything I've experienced adds up to why I do, what I do.

I am an artist at heart and my creative process comes from within, it's the essence of who I am.

Initially, my career focus was on website design and administration in a corporate setting. My first website was designed in 1998 after teaching myself HTML and graphic arts. I started my business in 2010 and brought those outdated design skills along to care for this website, haha don't worry I've learned a thing or two since then. 😉

I have spent well more than a decade and countless hours making mala beads and studying my craft, as someone who has a lot of creative energy I'm always looking to expand with new designs, products, and improve my processes.

The First Mala

The first mala I made was of lotus seeds and it became the source for the name I gave my business, Golden Lotus Mala. I still have that mala in my collection.

The beauty of nature is where I find artistic inspiration, flowers, trees, songs, dreams of faraway places, a valley surrounded by mountains, a river flowing out to sea, and much more. Organic materials, gemstones, and wood are my favorite medium to work with.

For The Higher Good

Creating spiritual jewelry is my passion, it brings a great sense of joy to create a functional piece of jewelry that people can use to create positive change or healing through living with intention, meditation, and prayer.

Receiving thoughtful messages from my customers of how they use their mala beads and the ways it has helped them always brings a smile. If I can help one soul, and that soul can help 10, and that soul can help 100, the positive actions each person takes becomes a chain reaction of love and good energy that spreads around the world for the higher good of all.

Random Things About Me

I am a nature lover and enjoy tending to my flower and veggie garden.

I love landscape photography, and dabble with my camera when I have time.

Jasper is my favorite gemstone, it was the second gemstone I carried around in a medicine pouch, the first was a quartz crystal pendant. I also love the energy of lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, and unakite.

If you're looking for something to read on my bookshelves you will find a ridiculous number of non-fiction books, primarily cooking, gardening, astrology, and crystals.


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