Heart Chakra Bracelet - ANAHATA


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The heart chakra lies in the middle of the chest and opens frontward, it governs the heart and circulatory system. The one whose heart chakra has been opened radiates joy and friendliness. The color associated with this chakra is green, the calming vibrations are the best for the nervous system.

Green aventurine is a general harmonizing stone with protective energies for the heart chakra. It is known as an all-around supportive stone for well-being and emotional calm. The calming vibrations of the green color spectrum are best for the nervous system, the heart chakra influences the heart and circulatory system.

Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility; it aids meditation and stress release. Malaysia jade is a form of chalcedony, it is one of many types of "jade" gemstones available with a similar texture and appearance to true Jadeite/Nephrite.

Anahata the Heart Chakra bracelet is handcrafted using green Aventurine and Jade gemstones accented with Rose Quartz and silver. 

Chakra: Anahat, the Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra.

Energy: Compassion, openness, warmheartedness, friendship.

Bracelet Details

  • Aventurine, Malaysia Jade, Rose Quartz
  • 8mm medium sized beads.
  • Professional durable latex-free stretch cord.



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