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Select Your Beads

Bead Size: When you select 6mm small or 8mm medium a new list of gemstones and wood beads will be provided. Here you will have more than 100 different varieties and unlimited combinations to mix and match.

Primary Beads: These are the majority of beads that make up the primary design of your 108 mala necklace.

Secondary Beads: The secondary beads are extra beads depending on your preferred style. You may choose up to 3 to mix in with your primary beads or for interval spacing when counting mantras. 

Choose Spacing Style

Choose from several traditional styles or provide your own spacing pattern. The (-) dashes below represent a secondary/marker bead.

108 Beads (No Spacers)

Tibetan (27-27-27-27)

Zen (7-14-66-14-7)

Mantra (21-33-33-21)

100 Beads (33-33-33+1)

Artist's Choice

Your own spacing

The Finishing Touches

Accents: These are the tiny beads that accent the design and are optional.

Guru End Bead: The larger bead above the tassel often referred to as the guru, mother, or end bead.

Finish with Tassel, Charm, or Snake Knot: Select a tassel, charm, or snake knot to finish off the mala just below the guru bead. Tassels are handmade of 100% cotton or silk. View the images for a chart of options.

Tassel Length: The length of your tassel.

Mala Style: You may select from two styles of cord: professional jewelry wire for a durable and beautiful draping necklace or knots between each bead with our hand-knotted option. 

Genuine Gemstones
Handmade in the USA
1-Year Guarantee
Mala Bag Included

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