Tranquil Heart Mala - Aventurine

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I experience tranquility, contentment, and peace in all circumstances. I am surrounded by love.

The Tranquil Heart Mala features 108 natural green aventurine, rose quartz, amethyst, angelite, and African jade with a quartz crystal guru and a violet purple cotton tassel. 

Green aventurine is a general harmonizing stone with protective energies for the heart chakra. It is known as an all-around healing stone for well-being and emotional calm. The calming vibrations of the green color spectrum are the best healing agents for the nervous system, the heart chakra influences the heart and circulatory system.

Amethyst is known to help the practitioner feel less scattered and more focused and in control of your thoughts. As one of the most spiritual stones, it is said to promote a love of the divine, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Angelite encourages creativity, soothes confused emotions, and promotes peacefulness. Also known as anhydrite, Angelite is a common sedimentary mineral that forms gypsum-like crystals in a light blue almost grey violet shade.

African Jade is a variety of Grossularite Garnet and its name is associated with the location that this gemstone is mined from, which is South Africa. It is found only in this location and there are no other known sources. Aiding meditation and stress relief Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. Known as a protective stone that brings harmony, it is believed to attract good luck and friendships.

Rose Quartz crystal the gemstone of unconditional love and peace, is a calming and reassuring crystal. Quantifying the true essence of love it purifies and opens the heart at all levels bringing deep inner healing and self-love. Gently draws off negative energy and restores it with loving vibes.

Clear Quartz aids in concentration and liberates thought. Quartz Crystal absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy.

Energy: Unconditional love, compassion, understanding, hope, nurturing, romance, intuitive energy, peace, calming.

Chakra: Anahat, the Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra.

Mala Details

  • Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, African Jade, Angelite, Quartz Crystal
  • 108 medium-sized 8mm beads hand-knotted with love.
  • 100% cotton tassel.
  • Measures approximately 36 inches (91 cm) around, or 22 inches (55 cm) long (from top of necklace to bottom of tassel). 


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