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Good Fortune Mala - Jade


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Known as a protective stone that brings harmony, Jade stones in all varieties are believed to attract good luck and friendships. Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity, known in the East for holding five great virtues, courage, wisdom, justice, purity, and modesty, it has been considered the most precious of gemstones to the Chinese. Aiding meditation and stress relief Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. Green jade is the most common jade, it calms the nervous system and channels passion in constructive ways.

Malaysia jade is a form of chalcedony, it is one of many types of "jade" gemstones available with a similar texture and appearance to true Jadeite/Nephrite.

Jasper comes in many colors, each opaque with bands or spots running throughout. Green Jasper tends to make harmony in relationships. Its primary uses are for stability and grounding. 

Quartz Crystal absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. Used in meditation, Quartz filters out distractions.

The Good Fortune Mala features 108 beautiful green Malaysian jade and jasper with quartz crystal and a light green tassel.

Affirmation: I see abundance everywhere. I am becoming more and more prosperous every day.

Energy: Harmony, friendship, warmheartedness, openness, peace, empathy, self-renewal, protection.

Chakra: Anahat, the Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra.

Mala Details

  • Malaysia Jade, Jasper, Quartz Crystal, Serpentine
  • 108 medium-sized 8mm beads.
  • Select from two mala styles: Professional jewelry wire or hand-knotted with knots in-between each bead using a durable nylon cord. 
  • 100% cotton tassel.
  • Measures approximately 36 inches around, or 20 inches long (from top of necklace to bottom of tassel). 38 inches for knotted mala.


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