Moon & Stars Mala - Obsidian, Moonstone, Howlite

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The Moon & Stars Mala necklace features 108 small sized 6mm gemstone beads of golden obsidian and white rainbow moonstone with a howlite guru. The necklace is finished with a silver-plated pewter (lead-free made in USA) moon and stars charm.

Gemstone Energy

Golden Obsidian balances energy and is protective, repelling negativity and dispersing unloving thoughts.

Moonstone is known for calming of emotions, soothing stress, promoting intuition and empathy.

Howlite is a calming stone, it balances Chakras, connects with higher consciousness, calms and soothes, and is known for teaching patience. 

Affirmation: The Universe supports me in every possible way. I am open to receiving everything I could ever dream of and more.

Energy: Calming, peaceful, openness, freedom, loyalty, faithfulness, protection

Mala Details

  • Golden Obsidian, Rainbow Moonstone, Howlite
  • 6mm sized-beads.
  • Select from two mala styles: Professional jewelry wire or hand-knotted with knots in-between each bead.
  • Moon and Stars charm.
  • Measures approximately 30 inches around, or 16 inches long (from top of necklace to bottom of charm).