Serene Soul Mala - African Turquoise, Aventurine, Tiger Eye

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I am a magnet for well-being, harmony, and prosperity. My life is filled with abundant blessings, and I attract positivity and success effortlessly. I am in perfect balance with the universe, and I am grateful for the abundant blessings that flow into my life every day. 🧘

The Serene Soul Mala seamlessly combines the calming energies of African Turquoise and Green Aventurine to promote your overall well-being. The mala features natural genuine gemstones in the Tibetan style, 27 beads in 4 sections equaling 108 plus three Tiger Eye marker beads. The guru is a 10mm Lava stone just above a pale green tassel.

Let this mala be your daily companion on the path to a more serene and balanced you.

Mala Details

  • Made of genuine, natural African Turquoise, Green Aventurine, Tigers Eye, and Lava Stone with Bronzite accents.
  • 108 small-sized 6mm beads, 8mm markers, 10mm guru.
  • Select from two mala styles: Professional jewelry wire or hand-knotted with knots in-between each bead.
  • 100% cotton light green tassel.
  • Measures approximately 29 inches (73 cm) around, or hand-knotted version measures 34 inches around.

Gemstone Energy

African Turquoise encourages inner growth, self-discovery, and a sense of calm, making it the perfect choice for those seeking emotional balance and stability. African Turquoise is believed to open the mind to new ideas and possibilities, fostering a sense of serenity and optimism that will empower you on your journey towards well-being.

Green aventurine is a general harmonizing stone with protective energies for the heart chakra. Known as the "Stone of Opportunity," Green Aventurine brings luck and prosperity into your life. Its gentle and soothing energy aids in releasing stress and anxiety, allowing you to embrace the present moment with a tranquil heart. This vibrant green stone promotes harmony and balance, helping you to connect with your heart's desires while encouraging personal growth and self-care.

Tigers eye is a grounding stone believed to strengthen the sense of self, and boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Lava Stone also known as Basalt is the result of an eruption of a volcano at some time in history, the lava was formed from the cooling and solidified into lava rocks. Their energetic properties relate to the way the embodiment of all four elements were instilled within them, earth - air - fire - water. Lava stones are known for their supporting aid for those lacking energy and vitality.

Genuine Gemstones
Handmade in the USA
1-Year Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mala Bag & Guide: Each of our full-size mala necklaces is packaged with a basic guide to meditation and a mala bag, not only for safekeeping but also to make it perfect for gift-giving.

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Our mala beads are designed to be multi-functional for your meditation practice or everyday wear. Each mala is made with high-quality genuine semiprecious gemstone, crystals, or natural wood.

Custom Options

We offer a variety of custom order services and many of our mala necklaces can be customized with simple changes such as tassel color or length, interval spacing, remove or change silver/gold accents, etc. Contact us with your requests.

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