Libra Zodiac Mala – Harmony


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The Libra Mala was designed for those born between September 22nd and October 22nd, the sign of balance and justice, or fairness. Libras strive to create a balanced world, the promoter of peace and harmony. They possess the enviable quality of maintaining their optimism in the most difficult of times.

Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, makes it the universal relationship sign. Their lives are intertwined with other people, friends, family, colleagues, and most of all their romantic partner. Their mission in life is twofold: balance and relationships. Balance signifies compromise, meditation, equality, diplomacy, and negotiations.

Relationships encompass the same qualities because every interaction between two people requires to give and take, Libra excels at both. Their people skills are among the best, sociable, gracious, with a genteel nature. Everything the Libra says and does has a touch of grace and elegance.

Symbol: The Scales

Motto: “I Balance”

Libra Traits: tactful, cooperative, romantic, gracious, sympathetic, idealistic, fair, indecisive, charming, social

Mala Details

  • African Jade, Smoky Quartz, Robles, Quartz Crystal
  • 108 medium-sized 8mm beads strung on professional jewelry wire to ensure durability and longevity, featuring soft flexible wear as a necklace with just the right amount of “give” for counting mantra.
  • 100% cotton tassel.
  • Measures approximately 36 inches (91 cm) around, or 22 inches (55 cm) long (from top of necklace to bottom of tassel). 

The Libra Mala – Gemstone Properties

If you have a Libra Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign in your astrological birth chart you may find the gemstones in this mala to be of interest.

Jade offers Libra vitality and health. Its green color intensifies the flow of energy between the chakras strengthening and allowing them to put their thoughts and feelings in order. From inner harmony, they can find their way to the outside world.

Smoky quartz is a protective stone for Libra, providing the concentration needed to resolve problems and challenges. It can emanate new ideas to support balance and a positive self-image.

Quartz crystal is the ideal meditation stone and is used in this mala as the guru/end bead above the tassel. Quartz crystal has an “enlightening” and relaxing effect on all the chakras.

Robles wood comes from the Cassia tree, a medium-sized evergreen with yellow flowers. The wood beads are a warm medium brown color with a smooth texture.

Not a Libra?

Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility; it aids meditation and stress release. Smoky Quartz stands for facing life, giving strength and motivation to meet new challenges. It works best on the sacral chakra.

African Jade is a variety of Glossularite Garnet and its name is associated with the location that this gemstone is mined from, which is South Africa. It is found only in this location and there are no other known sources.


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