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Virgo Mala – Diligence


The Virgo Mala was made for those born between August 22nd and September 22nd, is practical, organized, and efficient. They excel in the details, which is a terrific asset for anything that has to be planned and executed with precision. Virgo is discriminating and particular about everything, which is where this sign gets its reputation for being meticulous and critical, sometimes called “perfectionist”. It’s just that Virgo has the highest of standards and sees no point in doing anything halfway.

Virgos element is earth, which is practical, down-to-earth, sensible and dependable. Also somewhat reserved and modest you will find that Virgos are true friends and they carefully consider what is best for themselves and their family.

Symbol: The Virgin

Motto: “I Analyze”

Virgo Traits: meticulous, modest, diligent, reliable, practical, sensible, shy, analytical, efficient

The Virgo Mala – Gemstone Properties

If you have a Virgo Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign in your astrological birth chart you may find the gemstones in this mala to be of interest.

Lapis Lazuli keeps Virgo from being too modest and self-controlled. It is a stone of power and nobility and is supportive of the body, mind, and spirit. It directs Virgo’s gaze within to the source of all strength and healing.

Jade provides health and vitality, it allows confused emotions for Virgo to become disentangled.

Quartz crystal is the ideal meditation stone and is used in this mala as the guru/end bead above the tassel. Quartz crystal has an “enlightening” and relaxing effect on all the chakras.

Robles wood comes from the Cassia tree, a medium sized evergreen with yellow flowers. The wood beads are a warm medium brown color with a smooth texture.

Not a Virgo?

The Chinese considered Jade the most precious gem as it held five great virtues – wisdom, justice, modesty, courage, and purity – plus five happiness’s – wealth, old age, health, natural death, and love of virtue. This stone signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility; it aids meditation and stress release. Worn for its protective properties Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace and serenity. It is known for stimulating the higher intelligence of the mind, bringing objectivity and clarity.


  • Lapis Lazuli, Robles, Quartz Crystal
  • 8mm medium sized beads.
  • 100% cotton tassel.
  • Measures approximately 36 inches around.
  • Mala bag and gift box included.

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