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Meditation practices can be traced back many thousands of years ago to ancient Indian cultures. It was originally employed as a practice for spiritual development. Nowadays, it is primarily used for health purposes and is considered a type of complementary medicine that includes the body and the mind.

There are various classifications of meditation, like mindfulness-based stress reduction, transcendental meditation, Zen meditation, yoga, and tai chi, but all of these meditation styles share the same outcome, the relaxation of the body and freeing the mind of preoccupations that cause stress. 

The vital element of meditation is letting go of one’s thoughts by focusing on the breath. Through conscious breathing, the body systems are relaxed, thereby preparing the individual for a state of relaxation.

Practicing meditation allows the body to cool down from everyday hyperactivity and to free itself particularly of stress, which can lead to more serious health concerns, like heart disease, high blood pressure, and even mental degradation. 

Meditation also helps you to feel really connected to yourself and others on a spiritual level. It helps you acknowledge your spiritual side and makes your soul feel more complete. Meditation makes the mind, body, and soul work together.

A Meditation Routine Can Help With…

Here is a list of 10 benefits of consistent meditation practice:

  1. Relief from depression, stress, and anger.
  2. Maintaining good relationships and share love with others.
  3. Increasing mind concentration level.
  4. Making the mind pure from negative thoughts.
  5. Overcoming fear and to approach problems boldly.
  6. Refreshing your mind to make clear ideas and solutions.
  7. Knowing the true path of life.
  8. Living in the present world and to attain fulfillment in life.
  9. Resolving health disorders.
  10. Understanding and accepting the reality of life, its success, and failures.

Relax the Mind and Body

Meditation is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body. It helps to regain your physical and mental stability with power and confidence. It develops intuition, perfection, happiness, clarity, and ability to face and solve the problems in a better way.
When you maintain a regular meditation practice you will start to feel much more balanced on a daily basis, not only during the times when you meditate but throughout each day. You will notice yourself being very calm and in control, even when you are having a challenging day.

How to Start a Meditation Practice

Anybody can start a meditation practice as long as the person allows him or herself to let go of their thoughts and be in the moment. Make a plan to sit for 10 minutes a day to start, working up to 20 minutes or as long as you need.

Choose a time that you can consistently take 10 to 20 minutes to meditate each day. You may prefer first thing in the morning, maybe just before dinner, or just before going to sleep.

Lady MeditatingFirst set the mood. A relaxing environment is essential for meditation. You also want to be familiar with the location so you will feel at ease. You may also want to use soothing music to set the mood. Perhaps some nature sounds or the flowing water from a nearby fountain.

Be in a comfortable position. It is important that your posture is in a way that is most comfortable for you during meditation. You may prefer a specific seated position, such as the lotus position, but in general, there really is no required pose. As long as you are relaxed in your position, then that’s the right one.

Once you have relaxed and “let go” through conscious breathing, try to focus your attention on your breath. If not on your breathing, then try focusing on a certain sound. Sit in this relaxed state, take notice of your thoughts as they pass through your mind, but don’t attend to them, return your focus back to your breath or the music. Continue to be in this relaxed place for at least 10 minutes.

When you are finished ease back into your usual activities and take notice of how you feel throughout the day. Whatever time you decide to sit and meditate work to make it a daily habit and soon after you will notice the results of a more peaceful mind and heart.