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What does the New Moon symbolize?

Since ancient times a New Moon has represented beginnings and a fresh start.

You typically can’t see a new moon in the sky without special equipment. During this phase, the moon is in conjunction with the sun as it's dark side faces Earth. Some people consider the thin crescent moon visible in the western sky at sunset to also be a representation of a new moon.

In certain cultures and religions, the new moon is the beginning of a calendar month. 

What to do during a New Moon?

During this moon phase take some time to reflect on your past objectives and set new goals. What projects have you been wanting to start? 

You don't want to waste time worrying about the past, this is a time of moving ahead. The new moon makes for a powerful time to set new goals and manifest your intentions.

Crystals for Meditation during a New Moon

Citrine boosts confidence and optimism with a warming, uplifting energy.

Moonstone has a soft pearlescent luster that mimics moonlight and is said to be the quintessential crystal for lunar energy and the feminine spirit. 

Quartz Crystal makes an ideal meditation stone as it increases clarity of thought. Quartz is known to cleanse and alter energy while releasing blocked emotions. 

Labradorite magnifies our ability to focus on personal issues and encourages us to embrace fresh ideas and new opportunities.

Obsidian is a grounding protecting stone that has a cleansing and transforming energy.

The New Moon Mala Necklace features crystals for manifesting during a New Moon.


New Moon Meditation

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Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, where you may be safe and at ease to relax.

Bring attention to your breath, focus on the in breath as you feel the rise of your belly, breathe out taking a moment to breath deeply as you let the tension and anxieties pass by. 

Gently settle your body into a relaxed state, take note of the tensions in your shoulders and release them now, its OK to let the tension go and relax, now release the tension from your neck, then your arms, and allow your back to relax. 

Then bring your attention to your face and your jaw relax and let go of the stress in this area, focusing on your breath gently relax your entire body as you take a few moments to just breath. This moment is for you alone, there is nothing that demands your attention right now... you may let go of the to do list, or "I have to" and simply relax here in the now

Within your minds eye imagine yourself sitting near a beautiful stream, the waters tranquility brings peace, you are feeling completely safe, and completely relaxed.

You begin to look around and notice the sun is setting, the end of another day, the light flickers upon the water and around you as you breath in and out, your mind and body are at ease.

As day turns to night you continue to sit near the water, taking in the beautiful sounds of nature and the nearby stream.

You notice the night sky above you now, the stars are shimmering amidst the darkness of a New Moon, your heart smiles at the vast magnificence of the universe, you are safe and relaxed here and now, letting go of the past tensions or circumstances as you move forward.

Notice your breath now, the calmness and space that arises at the end of each out breath. 

When you are ready to come back slowly bring your thoughts to the present taking time to reawaken your body to the surrounding area.

May you find a fresh start, one of great joy and happiness.

New Moon Affirmations

Allow yourself to bring to mind your dreams and intentions during this New Moon, or any time you need a new beginning. Say the following affirmations out loud if possible.

🌑 I am positive beyond limitations.

🌑 I will unlock new possibilities by being open to new beginnings

🌑 I radiate love, happiness, grace, and positivity.

🌑 I am grateful for the wonders in my life.

🌑 The universe supports me in every possible way.

🌑 I can clearly see the blessings around me.

🌑 I am open to the mystery and magic that new beginnings bring.

🌑 Powerful changes are happening; I welcome and embrace them.

🌑 No matter how hard the past, I can always begin again.

🌑 Every experience in my life helps me to grow.

🌑 Today I lay the foundation for a wonderful future.

    2024 New Moon Dates

    • January 11
    • February 9
    • March 10
    • April 8
    • May 8
    • June 6
    • July 5
    • August 4
    • September 3
    • October 2
    • November 1
    • December 1
    • December 30