Custom Mala

Would you like to design your mala necklace? We are happy to make a custom mala for you! The ordering process is really simple, on this page select your bead size, gemstones or wood, guru, style, and finish it up with a tassel, charm, or snake knot.

If you're not sure what beads to choose or are new to mala beads we recommend taking a look at our How To Choose Mala Beads Guide, which explains the ins and outs of mala beads and provides some information on selecting crystals, gemstones, and the appropriate mala style for you.

Here are a few things to know about our custom mala service:

  • Your mala will be crafted by the artist with high-quality gemstone or wood beads and includes a 90-day craftsmanship guarantee.
  • The processing time for a custom mala is approximately¬†3 to 5 business days with additional time for shipping. (We do not process orders on weekends and holidays.)
  • Details about designing your mala are outlined below, if you have any questions during this process please contact us, we're happy to help you create the perfect mala via e-mail as well!

Howlite Mala by Golden Lotus Mala

Design Your Custom Mala

Bead Size:
When you select 6mm small or 8mm medium a new list of gemstones and wood beads will be provided. Here you will have more than 100 different varieties and unlimited combinations to mix and match.

Primary Beads:
These are the majority of beads that make up the primary design of your 108 mala necklace.

Secondary Beads:
The secondary beads are extra beads depending on your preferred style. You may choose up to 3 to mix in with your primary beads or for interval spacing when counting mantras. 

Spacing Style:
Choose from several traditional styles or provide your own spacing pattern. The (-) dashes below represent a secondary/marker bead.

  • 108 Beads (No Spacers)
  • Tibetan (27-27-27-27)
  • Zen (7-14-66-14-7)
  • Mantra (21-33-33-21)
  • 100 Beads (33-33-33+1)
  • Artist's Choice
  • Your own spacing

These are the tiny beads that accent the design and are optional.

Guru End Bead:
The larger bead above the tassel often referred to as the guru, mother, or end bead.

Finish with Tassel, Charm, or Snake Knot:

Select a tassel, charm, or snake knot to finish off the mala just below the guru bead. Tassels are handmade of 100% cotton or silk. View the images for a chart of options.

Tassel Length:

The length of your tassel.

Mala Style:

You may select from four styles of cord: professional jewelry wire or nylon cord for a durable and beautiful draping necklace, stretchy to wrap it around your wrist, or knots between each bead with our hand-knotted option. 

Nangka Mala by Golden Lotus Mala


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